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Urgenda | five times different
According to Urgenda, the Netherlands can already realise a fully sustainable energy supply by 2030; 2050 is simply too late. In the revised report Netherlands 100% sustainable energy in 2030, Urgenda explains how it can be done five times differently in the areas of housing, transport, food, production and energy generation.

Energy Transition Model
The Energy Transition Model is an independent, comprehensive, fact-based energy model used by governments, companies, NGO’s and educational institutions in several countries. It was developed by Quintel Intelligence and is supported by more than 20 partners. Visit their website here.

Facts and figures | Planning Office for the Living Environment
The PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) is the national institute for strategic policy analysis in the field of the environment, nature and spatial planning. It has many publications on climate change. Read more here.

IVN | Energetic primary schools
IVN developed the learning module 'Energetic primary schools' together with GasTerra. This is to teach children more about (sustainable) energy and energy transition in a playful way. This learning module is intended for students from groups aged 5 to 8 and will be offered to all primary schools in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming years. Read more here .

Energy Challenges
The project where behaviour and technology come together and young people make the difference! Young people in primary and secondary education are challenged to campaign in their own way for energy saving and sustainability at their school! They playfully discover their talent and become acquainted with the wonderful world of sustainability, energy and technology. Take a look at the website.

School Roof Revolution
In the Netherlands, there are approximately 6,000 suitable roofs for primary and secondary schools that have not yet been fitted with solar panels. The School Roof Revolution aims to enable all children in the Netherlands to learn about clean energy. Children can also make their wishes known to school administrators via the workshop portal via the Non-Stop-Zon Children's Action. Read more hier here.

Children's book about climate change
Palm trees at the North Pole is a children's book about climate change with a lot of attention paid to the energy transition. Marc ter Horst treats all aspects of climate change in a light-hearted and thorough way: causes, consequences, measures, research and frequently heard excuses. More information and teaching materials can be found at