How did this film and series of lessons come about, who made it and why?

Morrowland is a production of Strawberry Fields in Groningen, The Netherlands.
As a communication agency, we support organizations that are working on a better world with strategic and creative communication.

Today it is not difficult to imagine why our commitment is required. Climate change, food, drinking water, poverty and income inequality are the crises that determine the world.

As an agency, we wanted to make this film, so we started looking for a client. GasTerra Nederland wanted to come up with a wide-ranging story in which they can also communicate their role and stake in the energy transition to 2050. This is how Morrowland was born. As an initiative funded by GasTerra in collaboration with Strawberry Fields. As an agency, we have taken on half of the production costs.

Energy transition centre EnTranCe and New Energy Coalition have made English-language production possible. IVN Nature Education has made content and educational contributions.

For the determination of the content, we asked consultants from different schools of thought to assist us. Jan Paul van Soest from De Gemeynt, Alexander Wirtz from Quintel, Jelmer Pijlman from 3E advice, Klaas Jan Noorman from EnTranCe, Patrick Cnubben from New Energy Coalition and Leo Heijne from the Knowledge Centre Energy at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

We knew right from the start that this film had to be accompanied by a lesson or lecture for every type of education, starting in the Netherlands. Due to the broad collaboration and the large number of people involved in this production, it has become possible to offer the film and lessons free of charge to anyone who is interested in the energy transition of the Netherlands. The next step could be to translate it and make the teaching material available for your country and language area. If you want to play a role in realizing the required budget, we are at your service.

Our polite question: do you promote it on and/or pass it on to someone else? You can do this via the spread button on this site. Only in this way, can we reach awareness among as many people as possible.

With this film, we wanted to give a complete picture of the energy transition in the Netherlands as it is now conceivable, taking into account the current insights and reports that describe an integrated vision, from different energy scenarios.

After all, this is a film in outline, which means that not all subjects are covered and nuances and details may be missing.

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